3 Points sports media are missing pushing the Atlanta Falcons to chase Lamar Jackson

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1. Hold Baltimore to the same standard

Let's entertain the notion for a moment that adding Lamar Jackson was as simple as Arthur Blank giving the green light and Atlanta landing the former MVP. In that scenario, the Ravens have held their hands up and let a top-ten talent just walk away without a clear succession plan with the top two quarterbacks already off the board long before they have a draft pick.

In this scenario that is being continually followed among hot-takes shows and sports media, why isn't Baltimore being given the same heat as the Falcons? While Atlanta at least has an obvious plan in a far more winnable conference the Ravens have what?

Baltimore is a team that has clearly been built around Lamar's skill set and needs the quarterback to have any chance in the AFC. Failing to pay Lamar ensures the team has zero chance of making it past Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or Trevor Lawrence something they are yet to accomplish even with Lamar.

Atlanta is taking care of their own players signing key veterans long-term and building out a defense that has been below-average for far too long. Executing their plan is Atlanta's focus and a quarterback who they are unlikely to land and would require two first-rounders and a record contract clearly isn't the priority.

Baltimore, however, has clearly built a team that is only going to win with Lamar Jackson. The franchise deserves all the heat Atlanta is getting for failing to pay their own franchise quarterback.