3 Points sports media are missing pushing the Atlanta Falcons to chase Lamar Jackson

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Arthur Blank
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2. Making another mistake doesn't fix the Deshaun Watson debacle

The lazy point that is being driven home when talking about Atlanta's failure to chase Lamar is the team chased Deshaun Watson but not Lamar! The two situations are completely different with one team clearly willing to move on from a franchise quarterback in Houston and a team that appears willing to do whatever it takes to keep Lamar with the Ravens.

Aside from the obvious team interest, contract situation, and play styles you have the obvious of Arthur Blank's relationship with Deshaun Watson. That was the clear reason Atlanta was chasing Watson in what was clearly a terrible decision that caused Matt Ryan to request a trade and the team to bring in Marcus Mariota.

Atlanta decided to chase Watson despite the looming suspension and beyond disturbing accusations the quarterback was facing. Using the biggest mistake the Falcons have made in recent history as a comparison for why the team should be chasing Lamar Jackson is tone-deaf and shows a lack of understanding of both the fallout of the poor decision and the clear difference in the reasoning behind the moves.

It is a lazy take that doesn't dive into what chasing Watson cost the Falcons or bother to point out the clear and obvious contract and compensation differences in the situation. Atlanta was lucky not to land Watson and bringing up that situation to attempt to equate it to why Atlanta should be in on Lamar ignores the obvious.