3 Points sports media are missing pushing the Atlanta Falcons to chase Lamar Jackson

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Desmond Ridder
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3. Desmond Ridder

Maybe Desmond Ridder isn't the next Atlanta Falcons franchise quarterback perhaps by season's end it will be Taylor Heinicke starting with the Falcons looking for the next option. In truth, no one knows exactly what Ridder is or what the second-year quarterback is capable of.

What we do know is that Arthur Smith, Terry Fontenot, and Arthur Blank are all confident enough in his ability to name Ridder the starting quarterback. If Atlanta had taken Ridder two rounds earlier instead of Drake London how different would the response be?

The truth of the situation is pundits merely are glancing at Ridder's first four games and the fact the rookie was a third-round pick. This is all the ammo needed to dismiss the second-year quarterback without giving a real opportunity or studying the talent and potential.

Zach Wilson, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, and Trey Lance all stand out as players that were given respect based on nothing more than where they were drafted despite their production. When it comes to sports media at times perception can be mixed with reality with the perception of Ridder not lining up with what the rookie put on tape or with the expectations moving forward.

Atlanta is looking to build a complete roster and give Ridder a chance to develop. A concept that shouldn't be difficult to grasp when the Falcons play in a conference where Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, and Jalen Hurts are considered the best in the NFC.