3 Positions of concern for the Atlanta Falcons after the draft

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3. Receiver depth

Drake London is the one reason that fans are not as concerned about the receiver position and that is more than fair. London is a star in the making who for the first time in his career is going to have a veteran quarterback capable of feeding him the football. However, after London, the position remains a bit of a concern. It would have been nice to see the Falcons add a weapon for Cousins in the first two days of the draft.

Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson are huge weapons but we are looking strictly at the receiver position. Both Darnell Mooney and Rondale Moore are question marks and they are expected to be the team's starters behind London. After those two options who do you have any faith in to step up due to injury or even just as a rotational player?

Atlanta needed to get deeper at the position and waiting until the 6th round isn't the way to do it. Focusing on the defensive side of things is completely understandable but it is clear the Falcons still have a lot of question marks when it comes to their depth at receiver.