3 Positions the Atlanta Falcons must address before the end of free agency

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Jalen Mayfield
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2. Left Guard

The Atlanta Falcons have clear starting options on their roster for every position on the offensive line except offensive guard. If the season started today who is their current option? Jalen Mayfield should be ruled out considering what he did to Matt Ryan in his lone season as a starter.

This leaves Justin Shaffer as the only clear option this despite Shaffer failing to make the roster a season ago. The Falcons could go into the season giving Shaffer a chance to win the job but must provide competition.

Whether it is bringing back their left guard from last season or adding other cheap veteran competition Atlanta cannot move forward with only Mayfield and Shaffer as their starting options. While the team could address the position on day two of the draft it would be far better to focus their efforts in free agency completing the offensive line before drafting allowing the team to take the best player on the board approach.

Atlanta needs to at the very least bring back Elijah Wilkinson who was a solid starting option for the team in the 2022 season. While there are clear upgrades still on the market with what Atlanta has spent on Matthews, Lindstrom, and McGary it would be surprising to see the team swing big at the position.