3 Positives for Desmond Ridder in ugly Atlanta Falcons win

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Al Bello/GettyImages
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1. Desmond Ridder defending Drake London after a tough hit

While the Atlanta Falcons couldn't cash in on the Jets' late first-half penalty on Drake London it was a great moment for Desmond Ridder. Drake London took a tough hit, got up, and was promptly shoved by the Jets. Ridder flew into the mix getting back in the defender's face and along with Van Jefferson standing up for his teammate.

You can tell a lot by a team no matter the sport, by how quickly they defend their teammates. Ridder is far from the biggest guy on the field but when it came to defending his number one target there was zero hesitation. If there is one consistent defense of Desmond it is this type of attitude that has endeared himself to the coaching staff and his teammates.

It is clear that the organization as a whole wants success so badly for Desmond. While it is yet to show up on the field consistently this was a great moment for the young quarterback and speaks to the connection with London. The play was followed up by a missed pass interference call in the end zone on Jonnu Smith and the Falcons were forced to settle for three.