3 Potential Head Coach hires the Atlanta Falcons should avoid

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Kellen Moore

Perhaps the Chargers late season struggles have changed this but it was clear that Moore was going to be given chances as a head coach this off-season. Every team is desperate to find that next young offensive genius since the Rams and 49ers both have become perennial contenders with their respective head coaches.

Anyone who is looking to hire Kellen should be alarmed at what has happened to the Chargers offense. You have great young weapons, a franchise quarterback, and a solid running game. Why has the offense struggled and looked to be completely average at times?

Add in the fact that Dallas has gotten better since Moore left and the reasons to hire Moore completely begin to dry up. To take this a step further not only would I not want Moore as my head coach, but I would be very hesitant to look at the coach as a potential OC. Atlanta cannot afford to continue their losing culture, bringing in Moore would be a step in that direction. Kellen has had some solid moments as a coach, however, his resume still has far too many holes to consider for a head coach position.