3 Potential landing spots for former Falcons star Julio Jones

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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1. Kansas City Chiefs

The former Atlanta Falcons receiver has clearly been hunting for a ring the past two seasons. First signing with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs following this up with a late-season contract with the Eagles. Both were teams viewed going into the seasons as potential Super Bowl contenders. Neither were able to win a round in the playoffs and Julio continues to lack that one accolade.

If you're searching for a ring, especially as a receiver, there is no better landing spot than with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. As frustrating as it might be for the rest of the league, who should be favored over Kansas City?

Mahomes won the Super Bowl with only Travis Kelce being a consistent receiver all season. The Chiefs need depth at the position and perhaps Jones could find a bit of his youth working with Mahomes and Andy Reid. The move is as much about having one final productive season as it is hunting for a Super Bowl.

If Julio Jones has anything left in the tank it is Kansas City that would find a way to utilize the veteran. Aside from the Chiefs, all other potential landing spots are competing for a depth role.