3 Potential landing spots for former Falcons star Julio Jones

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2. Atlanta Falcons

Much has been made about how Julio Jones exited Atlanta and whether or not fences could be mended. It has been three years now and the Falcons no longer have the same leadership in place. The coaching staff is completely different and the front office has made a number of important changes.

While it didn't work out in terms of production it is hard to imagine it wouldn't have played out the same if Jones stayed with the Falcons. Arthur Smith would have used Jones as a lead blocker or a decoy and the lack of production would have remained.

Now, however, Atlanta is running a new offensive system one that lends itself to needing receiver depth. Bring in Jones as your 4th receiver behind Drake London, Darnell Mooney, and Rondale Moore. This offers the young receivers a bit of leadership and gives Jones a chance for a better exit.

Kirk Cousins is an elite point guard and the Falcons need to support this by giving him plenty of depth at the receiver position. They have already done an impressive job at this by how they have managed the offseason. Signing Jones completes the job and gives Julio a chance for a farewell season.