3 Potential mistakes the Atlanta Falcons must avoid in the draft

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Bijan Robinson
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2. Drafting Bijan Robinson

The Falcons need to add to the running back position, however, spending your first-round pick on a position where you have an 1,000-yard rusher just isn't wise. If the Falcons feel strongly about adding to the position group that already has Allgeier and Patterson at least wait until the second or third rounds where there are still plenty of players who can thrive in Smith's system alongside Patterson and Allgeier.

Atlanta needs a third running back not a starter and as important as that might be in Arthur Smith's system it isn't worth a 1st round pick and certainly not a top ten. The only way Atlanta should consider drafting Robinson is if the team trades down and even in that scenario there are far more sensical fits for a team that should be focused on the defense in the first round.

This year's weak quarterback class is a gift in the fact that teams ahead of Atlanta will be reaching for the position drafting players who in truth aren't top-ten talents. This leaves Atlanta with a shot to land a player who should be off the board far sooner. Reaching for Robinson when there is depth at the positions and options remaining in free agency would be a mistake.