3 Potential mistakes the Atlanta Falcons must avoid in the draft

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Jalen Carter
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3. Passing on Jalen Carter

There is still reason to wonder if it is all posturing when it comes to Jalen Carter with teams hoping the top prospect falls their way feigning indifference. Carter's off-the-field concerns and getting tired at Georgia's pro day are the reasons being cited for his fall out of favor.

The draft like anything else is often overthought with teams ignoring the obvious decision to make in front of them. Carter is a top-five prospect and has an argument as the best in this year's draft. If Carter does fall outside the top five selections the Falcons should have zero hesitation in adding the lineman.

Adding Carter to a lineup that already has Goldman, Campbell, Jarrett, and Onyemata not only makes a position of strength much better but would give Carter a soft landing spot and four successful players at his position to learn from and lean on as Carter adjusts to the next level.

Still, it is hard to believe watching Carter on tape and knowing his immense talent the Falcons are going to have any chance to take a player that should be off the board alongside Will Anderson as the first two non-quarterbacks of the draft.