3 Predictions for Atlanta Falcons in pivotal week nine matchup

Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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1. Atlanta Falcons defense rebounds after a rough game against Will Levis

The Atlanta Falcons defense was clearly the most to blame for the loss to the Titans on Sunday. You let a rookie quarterback beat you deep consistently and move the football every time the offense seemed to be figuring it out. Taylor Heinicke led a late charge and the unit gave him a chance but not until after they allowed another deep strike.

What the Titans did to Atlanta's defense isn't maintainable even with the loss of Grady Jarrett. Give Levis and the Titans credit, however, the score and numbers are a bit juiced when you watch back the game. A.J. Terrell deserved a flag for offensive pass interference, Hopkins grabbed the back of Terrell and used the defender to get to the football.

This doesn't wipe away the other three mistakes but all of them came on busted coverages that aren't going to happen with regularity. This defense is far too talented and well-coached to give up that many plays. Even against much better offenses, you are unlikely to see that happen again this season.

This brings us to the Vikings and a rookie starter that is in over his head. Look for the defense to set the tone early against a starter who shouldn't be in this position. Clearly, the Vikings themselves don't believe in the rookie adding Josh Dobbs at the deadline. Atlanta's defense had one bad week, one that is unlikely to be replicated anytime soon.