3 Predictions for the Atlanta Falcons first three games

Carolina Panthers Rookie Minicamp
Carolina Panthers Rookie Minicamp / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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1. Week One Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Bryce Young's first test will be against a rebuilt Atlanta Falcons defense and a running game that is going to give Carolina problems.

Even if Young is a long term option franchise quarterbacks are rarely great right away. Add in a questionable receiving group, questions along the offensive line, and a new head coach and this team clearly is going to be an underdog in week one against Atlanta.

This is a great matchup for the Falcons to do exactly what Arthur Smith loves and that is running the football and controlling the clock. This is going to be a close game but one that the Falcons are going to control from the first snap.

Bijan Robinson, Tyler Allgeier, and Patterson are going to be the story of the game allowing Ridder to do very little and the Falcons to consistently move the ball. Young feeling the pressure is going to press throwing a key interception that locks the game away and allows the Falcons to get off to a perfect start on the season.

Final score: Atlanta Falcons-24 Carolina Panthers-17