3 Predictions for the Atlanta Falcons first three games

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2. Week Two Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Everything the Green Bay Packers have done over the past season has clearly shown they aren't fully buying into Jordan Love. The Packers signed Love to a contract they can clearly escape and didn't attempt to lock up the young quarterback for the future.

This is a team that is stuck in neutral after the breakup with Aaron Rodgers. Clearly this is a team that could very easily be in the running for one of next season's top quarterback options. Green Bay has only one path to beating Atlanta in this game and that is Desmond Ridder struggling and turning the ball over.

Atlanta's roster is clearly better and they arguably have the better option at quarterback. While Green Bay was a game away from the playoffs last season the loss of Rodgers and a number of veteran leaders is going to take an obvious toll.

Green Bay isn't a playoff roster or even a contending one if the Falcons cannot beat the Packers in week two there is going to be cause for concern. Atlanta should win this game easily and give their team a 2-0 start that signals what is ahead for the season.

Final Prediction: Atlanta Falcons-27 Green Bay Packers-13