3 Predictions for the Atlanta Falcons first three games

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3. Week Three Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions are a trendy playoff pick and are thought to be one of the teams in the NFC that could become a surprise contender. This is understandable based on the talent the team has added and how they finished the season.

While there are concerns about the team's defense there have clearly been upgrades and the offense is going to put up a lot of points. This game is going to be a field goal game that could tilt in either direction.

The Lions are clearly going to take a step forward this season in a division that is set to take an obvious step back. The Bears remain a huge question mark with concerns about the defense and Justin Fields.

The aforementioned Packers are clearly no longer a division threat leaving the Vikings as the only concern for the Lions in what is one of the weaker divisions in the league. The Vikings have benefitted from consistently winning one-score games leaving plenty of reason to believe they will regress and become the average team they were in the 2021 season. Clearly setting the table for the Lions to take a step forward and allowing both Detroit and Atlanta to start the season 2-1.

Final Prediction: Detroit Lions-30 Atlanta Falcons-28