3 Problems with Cam Newton's shots at the Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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2. Confusing resume comparison

Before tackling this head-scratching comment let's provide a bit of context. It is a league focused on what you have done lately. Even legends like Tom Brady faced immense criticism at the end of their careers for a downgrade in production. No one is immune and even if you're surrounded by chaos you aren't going to be given an out. You have to go out and prove your level of pray every single season.

The last time that Cam Newton played he appeared in 8-games in the 2021 season. Cam completed 54.8% of his passes for 684-passing yards, 4-touchdowns, and 5-interceptions. To be fair to Cam let's include rushing numbers as well Newton finished with 230 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns on the season with Carolina.

Kirk Cousins last we saw the veteran, played in 8 games as well unlike Newton, however, he started all 8 games. Cousins had 2, 331-passing yards, 18-touchdowns, and 5-interceptions. Cousins managed only 25-rushing yards but still more than laps Newton in production.

Newton offers the perspective "If you give Kirk Cousins my resume he probably would have got more"

Look at the numbers again and consider the way both players play the position and draw your own conclusions on that assertion.