3 Prospects that should stop the Falcons from drafting an edge rusher

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1. Joe Alt

Nothing about drafting a tackle in the first round would excite Atlanta Falcons fans. You have well-established veteran Jake Matthews at left tackle and Kaleb McGary at right tackle who you just paid last offseason. Regardless, if Joe Alt falls in this draft the Falcons would have no choice but to make the selection.

Alt has an argument as the safest top-ten pick in this draft and would be a great depth piece for the Falcons. Jake Matthews is still playing at a high level but can't continue his level of play forever. Atlanta is going to have to consider a replacement at some point soon.

On the other side, you have McGary who struggles to pass protect consistently. If that doesn't improve the Falcons are going to make a move and bench the right tackle. You have Kirk Cousins who is coming off of surgery and wasn't mobile before the injury.

Protecting the quarterback early on is especially important and having a long-term plan if they need to bench McGary would be ideal. Joe Alt isn't going to fall out of the top six. However, if he does Atlanta's plans to draft an edge rusher should be moved to day two.