3 Prospects that should stop the Falcons from drafting an edge rusher

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2. Marvin Harrison Jr.

The one concern with Marvin Harrison Jr. should be his recent injury history. Everything else about the prospect demands top-five consideration. The most realistic way that this plays out is quarterbacks going picks 1-3 and Harrison being selected either 4th or 5th overall. If not for the quarterback desperation Harrison could be considered a top-three pick.

His talent demands it and the Falcons are going to have no shot at drafting him. However, if teams were to focus on the quarterback position with J.J. McCarthy going before Atlanta's selection someone could fall Atlanta's way.

Harrison Jr. should be selected without a second thought if a miracle happens and he slips past the top seven picks. It is fun to imagine an offense with Harrison, Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts.

While the defense would still be missing an edge rusher the offense would have enough talent to carry the unit every week. While it is a fun fit to consider just like the rest of the players on this list it will take franchise malpractice by at least 2-3 other organizations for Atlanta to have any shot of drafting the star receiver.