3 Prospects that should stop the Falcons from drafting an edge rusher

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3. Drake Maye

It seems clear that Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels are going to be the first two picks of the draft. The way the Bears have handled the offseason leaves no other reasonable conclusion than selecting Williams with the 1st overall pick. Washington's moves and offseason comments support taking Jayden Daniels and fits best with the offense and roster the team is building.

This leaves J.J. McCarthy and Drake Maye on the board when the Patriots look for their quarterback of the future. New England has made odd draft decisions over the last decade and there is a slight chance that continues.

If the Falcons were to get a chance at a falling Drake Maye they should make the move without hesitation. Yes, you have Kirk Cousins as your starter for two seasons, however, in Maye, you have a chance to find a true long-term franchise quarterback.

Maye, Daniels, or Williams falling is the only way the team should consider drafting the position in the first round. Otherwise, the Falcons should be focused on adding an edge rusher. Drafting Verse, Turner, or Latu should be the team's plan unless a surprise top prospect were to fall their way.