3 Prospects the Atlanta Falcons could target trading down in the first round

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The Atlanta Falcons are sitting in an odd position in the draft holding the 8th overall pick. With it seeming increasingly likely that four quarterbacks will be taken before Atlanta's number is called their chances of landing Jalen Carter, Will Anderson, or Christian Gonzalez are heightened.

However, now is the time that we know very little about what will actually happen in the first round with rumors floating around to misdirect. It is completely possible that all three players are off the board when Atlanta's number is called and the team has a chance to trade down in the first round.

It is clear that Terry Fontenot is focused on building the most complete roster he can to begin camp this summer. Fontenot sees the team in a way that makes him so well-suited for this job. Not looking to just build the starting lineups as the previous front office so often did but to put as much energy into building a complete team.

Adding picks if the draft falls the right way lines up with this philosophy perfectly and could allow the Falcons to add additional day two picks while still getting a high-impact player in the first round. With this in mind, let's look at three players in particular who fit Atlanta if the team does opt to trade down.