3 Prospects the Atlanta Falcons could target trading down in the first round

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Quentin Johnston
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2. Quentin Johnston

Quentin may not be the first receiver to go off the board in the draft but his talent absolutely demands a first-round pick. The Falcons have taken a pass catcher in the first round both in the 2021 (Kyle Pitts) and the 2022 (Drake London) drafts. Why not make it three years straight and give Ridder and Arthur Smith an offense that would be capable of dominating through the air or on the ground?

Obviously, this changes if the Falcons land another top receiver in a trade but for now the team is relying on unproven players with second-year receiver Drake London being the most accomplished. If the Falcons get a chance to trade back and add Quentin there should be zero hesitation.

While Johnston is slightly built the receiver is a huge target at 6'3 and is shockingly fast for a receiver with his frame. Johnston, London, and Pitts would be a living nightmare for the opposing defense offering Ridder the chance to constantly exploit mismatches they would create.

Taking a receiver in the first round for a third straight year might be a move that is criticized in the immediate but one long term that pays off helping establish Ridder in his first season as a starter.