3 QB trades the Atlanta Falcons should take a chance on

After two rough games by Desmond Ridder, here are three QB trades the Atlanta Falcons should take a gamble on

Trey Lance
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1. Malik Willis, Tennessee Titans

Malik Willis and Desmond Ridder were tied at the hip during the 2022 NFL Draft. The Falcons obviously went with Ridder but maybe the Falcons should bring in the guy they passed on.

Malik Willis is not going to fix the passing game struggles but what he would do is open up the running game. Running the ball is clearly the strength of this team so let's just lean on that.

Ridder is athletic but Willis is on another level. Bringing in Willis would allow this team to run a ton of read-option plays and get production on the ground from the QB.

This would essentially be like the Falcons reverting back to Marcus Mariota (maybe even a lesser Mariota), realizing that they are only going to win games by running the ball.