3 QB trades the Atlanta Falcons should take a chance on

After two rough games by Desmond Ridder, here are three QB trades the Atlanta Falcons should take a gamble on
Trey Lance
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3. Trey Lance, Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys made a strange move during the preseason when they traded for 49ers QB Trey Lance. The Atlanta Falcons were rumored to be interested in him prior to the draft and there were a few inklings that they might have been interested in trading for him (don't know if you could trust those rumors).

The Falcons would trade for Lance because of what he could become. His talent is evident but he has played hardly any football at any level.


Arthur Smith could be interested in getting someone with the arm talent and athleticism. Who knows if he would be a better option than Desmond Ridder, but it is hard to not get excited about who he could become.

Next. Sticking with ridder. Falcons were right to stick with Ridder. dark