3 Quarterback moves that prove the Atlanta Falcons won with Kirk Cousins

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1. The Raiders giving Gardner Minshew $15-million guaranteed

The Raiders giving Minshew $15-million in guarantees a year after the veteran started the year as a backup speaks to the desperation on the market. Minshew started last season in Indy as the backup option behind Anthony Richardson. It didn't take long for Richardson to lock up the starting job with Minshew taking over only after the team lost Richardson for the season.

Minshew is a great backup option and came in and was the adult in the room. He wasn't the explosive and exciting quarterback that Anthony Richardson was, however, he helped the team consistently get into position to win.

While there was no question about who the quarterback should be moving forward for Indy Minshew was adequate. This doesn't mean that the Raiders making this move when already having a capable starter on the roster isn't a desperation move on their part.

It speaks to the lack of starting quarterbacks on the market and the desperation facing teams not in a position to draft one of the top three prospects. The Raiders are in a division with Patrick Mahomes, Sean Payton, and Justin Herbert this move isn't going to get it done.