3 Quarterback moves that prove the Atlanta Falcons won with Kirk Cousins

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2. Last season's trade up for the Carolina Panthers drafting Bryce Young

If there was ever a move to serve as a cautionary tale it is last season's Carolina Panthers. The Panthers were in a similar position to the Falcons albeit with far less talent on their roster. Carolina decided to pay what it took to move on from Sam Darnold and move up to take their quarterback.

Bryce Young was their guy and they spent the future and D.J. Moore to make it happen. One year later and the Carolina roster has taken a step back while the team is still facing quarterback questions. If you pay the price to move up to the first overall pick or in Atlanta's case inside the top three it isn't guaranteed to work.

Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot needed the safe and sure option that is Kirk Cousins. Yes, Atlanta still needs to find a long term answer, however, it is clear they weren't able to pay the price to move up. Even if they were to pay said price you are starting over with a rookie quarterback. Barring being able to land Caleb Williams this would have been a mistake and could have gone the same way we watched it play out for the Panthers.