3 Quarterback moves that show why the Atlanta Falcons stuck with Desmond Ridder

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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1. The New Orleans Saints pay Derek Carr $150 million

The top free agent of this year's free-agent quarterback class was veteran Derek Carr. On the outs with the Raiders, Carr forced the franchise to release him and cashed in with a New Orleans team that is desperate to keep a non-existent window to contend open.

Signing Carr to a deal that is going to severely hurt the Saints in the future points to the desperation at the position this off-season. The path to winning without a Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes isn't overpaying an average player but building a complete roster as the 49ers or Eagles have done.

Both teams have come up short in recent seasons but both have been in a position to win close games to bring a championship to their city. Atlanta is attempting to follow this path, there isn't one for the Saints after overpaying a player who hasn't won a playoff game in nearly a decade.

The one playoff game that Carr did play in the team failed to make it to twenty points and clearly wasn't up for the moment. New Orleans made a mistake on that reinforces Atlanta's decision.