3 Quarterback moves that show why the Atlanta Falcons stuck with Desmond Ridder

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud are off the board first in the draft

The only quarterbacks on the market that were clearly both affordable and had a higher upside than Desmond Ridder were the top two quarterbacks in this draft. Carolina paid their best player and two first-round picks to move up for the chance to draft Bryce Young.

Houston followed this by taking C.J. Stroud off the board clearly uninterested in moving away from the second spot in the draft. Atlanta didn't have the extra assets to move up and there wasn't a chance to do so after Carolina moved up to take the Bears pick.

Stroud and Young are both exciting young players that Atlanta could have considered if they were in a position to take a quarterback. However, the options that were left on the board in Anthony Richardson and Will Levis both come with accuracy and turnover concerns.

Atlanta knew just as they did in the Lamar Jackson situation adding a quarterback in the draft was never an option. With teams clearly taking Stroud and Young long before Atlanta's number was called. This isn't the year to attempt to draft a quarterback with any Atlanta could reach for clearly having more question marks than Atlanta's current starter.