3 Quarterbacks Atlanta should bring in behind Kirk Cousins

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1. Michael Penix Jr.

The number of teams that lack a starting quarterback likely rules out the Atlanta Falcons from drafting Penix. However, if Penix is on the board in the 2nd round the team should jump at the chance to add the rookie behind Kirk Cousins.

Even if Cousins were to play at an MVP level as he did at the start of last year, how long would it last? Atlanta lacks a long-term answer at the position, attempting to sign the veteran and win now. This isn't a bad decision but the Falcons need to make decisions to look out for the future as well.

While drafting a quarterback in the first round shouldn't be a consideration the team could find a fit anytime after day one. Penix has clear injury concerns and needs to find a level of consistency as a passer. However, he can make every needed NFL throw and is a pocket passer who would fit in the same system as Kirk Cousins.

If the chance is given the Falcons should draft Penix and allow him to sit behind Cousins over the next two seasons. Look at how this strategy worked out for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.