3 Quarterbacks Atlanta should bring in behind Kirk Cousins

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2. Carson Wentz

Yes, Taylor Heinicke is still on Atlanta's roster and the Falcons should still make this move. Wentz is a better starting option than Heinicke and a clear upgrade. There is also the chance that the Falcons choose to carry all three quarterbacks if they fail to draft at the position.

Wentz is such an interesting player when you consider his ceiling vs. what the result on the field has often been. Carson had one start last season and looked to be an average or above-average option. Wentz would be with a team that doesn't need him to play hero ball and if forced into action would be able to sit back and distribute.

This is when Carson is at his best, with a strong system around him that doesn't give room or reason to believe he needs to live and die in every play. That has been Carson's biggest issue in this league is playing every play as if it were 4th down and he was the only hope the team has. That didn't appear to be the case in his last start with the Rams or during part of his time with the Colts.