3 Quarterbacks Atlanta should bring in behind Kirk Cousins

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3. Sam Hartman

It is most likely that the Falcons are going to draft a quarterback late on day two or early on day three. If that is the case Hartman is an interesting fit for this team. Hartman needs time to adjust to the speed of the next level. He is going to have to learn his speed isn't enough at this level to play outside the pocket as he did in college.

This is a lesson that Baker Mayfield is still learning taking unneeded hits and believing he can make a play with his legs. Let Hartman come in behind Heinicke and Cousins and learn. Perhaps it is a waste of time or perhaps you develop a surprise starting option. It is worth the risk at the point in the draft that Hartman would be selected.

Sam can make every throw that a starting quarterback needs to. The concerns are the aforementioned style with which he plays the position, age, and a reckless playstyle that could quickly pile up turnovers if forced into starting.

Bring in Hartman as your third option and allow him time behind two established veteran players. It would be a wise investment without a high cost.