3 Quarterbacks Kirk Cousins could pass in rankings this season

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3. Matthew Stafford

The veteran quarterback has accomplished more than Kirk Cousins in this league and deserves immense respect. However, this team has lost so many pieces since their Super Bowl run it is fair to wonder if Stafford's best seasons are now behind him. The loss of Zac Robinson and Raheem Morris work against the veteran.

Still, there is reason to believe in this team when you consider the end of last season. They were incredibly close to upsetting the Lions a team that had every chance to go to the Super Bowl in the NFC Championship. Perhaps the magic for Stafford and the Rams continues this season.

With one of the best head coaches and offensive systems in the game, it is completely possible. Just as it is possible that the myriad of injuries and hits take their toll. The Rams lack depth at a number of positions and it wouldn't be surprising to see them miss the playoffs competing for a top pick.

Stafford is a more accomplished player but Cousins is going to be in the easier division with more depth of weapons. It is easy to make the case that Cousins ends the season ahead of Stafford.