3 Quarterbacks that could ruin the Atlanta Falcons 2024 season

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1. Jameis Winston

The Atlanta Falcons could opt to look for a bargain starter as well as drafting a quarterback using both avenues. Players like Baker Mayfield and Joe Flacco have shown that you can find surprise production if the offensive system and coaching are right. This offseason there will be some speculation about who this year's Mayfield or Flacco could be.

Carson Wentz and Jameis Winston are both likely to be at the top of that conversation. While Carson might be a fit as a backup the Falcons cannot consider signing Winston. Jameis is a proven loser in this league unable to start in a bad New Orleans quarterback situation or elevate a Tampa team that was carried to the playoffs by an aging Brady and the aforementioned Baker Mayfield.

Atlanta was given a clear example of Winston's mentality in their last matchup with the quarterback lining up his offense in victory formation and running a play. If that in itself isn't enough to keep Atlanta away from the veteran quarterback look at his history and Tampa and tendency to throw perfect spirals to the wrong team. Jameis Winston has all of the talent in the world but he cannot win consistently at this level.