3 Quarterbacks that could ruin the Atlanta Falcons 2024 season

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2. Bo Nix

The Falcons should take a quarterback in this draft no matter who they believe the starter will be in 2024. There are a number of rookies who are interesting fits in Atlanta as either potential starters or development projects. Bo Nix shouldn't be among the names the Falcons consider taking this season within the first four rounds of the draft.

Perhaps it is the Auburn seasons still at play here, or the system Nix played in with the Ducks. Whatever the reason Bo's game doesn't fit Atlanta and is unlikely to translate to the next level. The speed with which he reads the field and makes decisions is going to get him in trouble if he is given a chance to start at the next level.

Bo is going to be closer to the quarterback we saw at Auburn at the next level and if the Falcons drafted him they will quickly regret it. This isn't to say Atlanta couldn't draft a quarterback as a project player but rather they cannot consider taking Nix. They would be far better served to draft anyone but Nix considering his projected draft spot vs. his talent.