3 Quarterbacks that could ruin the Atlanta Falcons 2024 season

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3. Ryan Tannehill

Someone is likely going to talk themselves into giving Ryan Tannehill to be their starter this offseason. You have a free agent class that is headlined by Kirk Cousins and Tannehill, with Russell Wilson likely to hit free agency at some point as well. Tannehill is in that in-between stage of his career where he is a bit too talented to be your backup and too mistake-prone to put in as your starting quarterback.

Watching the Titans' offense since Arthur Smith left it is clear the reasons that Tannehill wasn't able to continue the level of success he found with Smith. Despite this, the Falcons cannot consider bringing in another former Titans quarterback. Marcus Mariota was given a chance and while he is the less talented of the two neither has had consistent levels of production.

Tannehill would be better served to reunite with his former coordinator in Pittsburgh or look for a landing spot with a contender as a backup option. The Falcons only possible interest is if they miss out on Cousins and are unable to trade up in the draft.

Even in that scenario the Falcons would be better served to draft a quarterback in the best spot and bring in a veteran like Carson Wentz or Russell Wilson to compete for the starting role.