3 Quarterbacks that make the most sense for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

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There are clearly at least four teams in front of the Atlanta Falcons in this year's draft that have some level of interest in taking a quarterback. What the Chicago Bears decide to do with the first overall pick and with Justin Fields will go a long way in shaping the quarterback market.

Let's be clear if the Atlanta Falcons have the chance to trade up for Caleb Williams or Drake Maye they should jump at the chance. If they are able to pay the price it would take to move up and still field a complete roster the decision is obvious.

Maye and Williams both appear to be capable of changing a franchise. However, it seems that a number of teams hold this belief, and trading up with Washington, New England, or Chicago is going to be incredibly difficult.

It seems the more likely path is the Falcons are stuck looking at a bridge option or hoping to find value later in the draft. While trading up remains very much on the table fans should be considering the possibility that they are going to be stuck with a veteran. Despite all three of these options being huge upgrades it is understandable they are less than exciting for this fanbase.