3 Quarterbacks that make the most sense for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024

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3. Carson Wentz

This speaks less to how highly Carson Wentz should be viewed and more just how awful the quarterback market is going to be. Let's assume that the first three teams in the draft take quarterbacks and the Vikings re-sign Kirk Cousins. Where do the Falcons go if they can't land Justin Fields or Russell Wilson?

There are more teams in the market for starting quarterbacks than there will be quality starters. Carson Wentz isn't a great option but he would be an upgrade over Ridder and a potential bridge option. If you can't land a top veteran or trade your way up in the draft sign Wentz and draft a quarterback.

Whether it is Penix or a later-round option the Falcons must draft a quarterback in this scenario. Bring in Wentz and allow the veteran to compete with a later draft pick. Carson has been a quality starter for long stretches and could be the best starter in the NFC South. A very low bar but considering Atlanta's potential options at the position is is completely possible they are left drafting a quarterback and signing someone like Carson Wentz.