3 Quarterbacks that should top the Atlanta Falcons wish list

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1. Caleb Williams

If the Chicago Bears decide to go with Justin Fields there is no question what the Atlanta Falcons should attempt to do. Caleb Williams is the best quarterback in this draft and has the ability to completely change a franchise. With Atlanta's elite weapons, Williams will have a chance to make a playoff push in year one.

While the cost is going to hurt the Falcons shouldn't hesitate to make the trade up if they are given the chance.

While many are going to point to Caleb's lack of big college wins this doesn't change what he is capable of becoming as an NFL quarterback. How many big games did Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, or Patrick Mahomes win? Williams is deserving of being the first overall pick and would be life changing for the Falcons.

This issue here is the difficulty of winning a potential bidding war if the Bears make the mistake of passing on Caleb Williams. Justin Fields has shown flashes but clearly has failed to put it together consistently and the team would be better off with a fresh start.

Fields would be a nice fallback option for the Falcons as well but still isn't in their top three options this offseason.