3 Quarterbacks that should top the Atlanta Falcons wish list

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3. Jayden Daniels

If the Falcons are unable to trade up in a position to draft Caleb Williams it is hard to see them landing Drake Maye either. The next best scenario when it comes to drafting a quarterback would be Daniels falling their way or trading up for the former LSU quarterback.

While Daniels has far more concerns than either of the first two players on this list he comes with just as high of a ceiling. He is electric as a runner and has shown the ability to make every needed throw at the next level.

The concerns are the ability to not take the punishing hits he took in college and being willing to hang in the pocket picking his spots to run. As we have seen with far bigger and faster quarterbacks in Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen this style can work at the NFL level.

However, the concerns with Jayden having a smaller frame should give the Falcons some pause. Despite the concern Daniels is clearly one of the three best fits for this team that is within the realm of possibility. His quickness and ability to create big plays paired with Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson gives Atlanta the chance to find an elite offense.