3 Quarterbacks that still fit the Atlanta Falcons draft plans

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1. Sam Hartman

If Sam Hartman can find any way in this league it is going to be as a pocket passer. He is far more athletic than Cousins but not enough to change the style Atlanta would be playing. Hartman is also a day-three prospect that Atlanta won't have to spend an impact pick on.

Allow Hartman to come in as a depth piece and compete behind Heinicke and Cousins. Hartman as your emergency quarterback gives you depth at the position and takes a shot in the dark at developing a quarterback.

Atlanta's urgency isn't high this season with Cousins being the starter for at least two seasons. It will be year three before they can begin to consider moving on from the contract. With this in mind, you can afford to take a project quarterback this offseason and attempt to land your future next season or in year three.

Hartman does a lot of things well but his play style thrives with a scrambling style that won't work at the next level. He isn't fast and athletic enough to outrun pass rushers at the next level and make plays off schedule. Can he adjust and play within the pocket?