3 Quarterbacks that still fit the Atlanta Falcons draft plans

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2. Michael Penix Jr.

If there is one quarterback that has been rumored as a potential fit for the Falcons the most during the offseason it is Michael Penix Jr. The quarterback is going to be a late 1st rounder or drop into the second round. This is the exact position Atlanta needs still able to draft a pass rusher in the first ten picks.

While it would require a trade up to land Penix it shouldn't be off the table. The quarterback having a full two years to sit behind Kirk Cousins would benefit both sides. The one concern is it moves up your timetable to pay the quarterback and he is already an older prospect.

This leads to the second concern, injuries. Micheal Penix Jr. has an awful injury history at the college level. He has endured more than any athlete deserves and it isn't often players get healthier at the next level. As great as he was last season there is still reasons to be concerned.

However, there are no slam dunks in this draft for the Falcons. Anyone they take is going to come with some risks. The players within their reach this is their best chance at finding a starter in this year's class.