3 Quarterbacks that still fit the Atlanta Falcons draft plans

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3. Spencer Rattler

Selling a team on Rattler is going to require a lot of "what ifs" and draft the quarterback based on his talent not what he put on the field. It is forgotten what a high-level Rattler first played at in college before losing confidence and his starting job to Caleb Williams.

Rattler finished his college career at South Carolina and now will look to find a landing spot as a backup. When you consider Atlanta's options at the position on day two Rattler has an argument as the best of the bunch.

Granted we are talking about a group whose best projections have them as backups. However, Rattler's arm and ability demand at least a look for a season or two. None of these three options are perfect with Penix clearly far above the other two.

This is where Atlanta is if they take a quarterback this season. They cannot afford to take a quarterback in the first ten picks. It is far too valuable to add a possible edge rusher to a team trying to contend now. Expect Atlanta to add a quarterback but it most likely will be on day two or three as a project.