3 Quarterbacks that would make the Atlanta Falcons playoff contenders in 2024

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The Atlanta Falcons' current focus is on finding their head coach of the future. This decision will obviously do much to determine how the quarterback position is approached. Could the team look to add a veteran and push their chips to the center of the table or look to draft a quarterback? The answer to this question is going to depend on who the head coach is.

If Bill Belichick is the answer it will likely be a veteran while someone like Ben Johnson will want to bring in and develop their own quarterback in all likelihood. While you have options like Jim Harbaugh that are complete wildcards at the position.

Looking at Atlanta's options there are many paths to the playoffs. Arthur Smith's team was a step away despite having terrible offensive schemes and bottom-of-the-league quarterback play. Adding a capable head coach and quarterback makes this team a playoff team.

However, what signal callers could the Falcons add that could win in the playoffs in year one? Three names stand out as possible additions that would fit this description and will possibly be on the market and a fit in Atlanta. Starting with the obvious choice that could start a bidding war.