3 Quarterbacks that would make the Atlanta Falcons playoff contenders in 2024

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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3. Kirk Cousins

It seems many NFL pundits love to hate on Kirk Cousins or point out his failures. Yes, Cousins isn't a proven playoff player, however, he is also one of the best quarterbacks in this league. How many quarterbacks can you rank ahead of Cousins? Of those players who is going to be on the market this offseason?

If done objectively the list is going to be very short with Cousins as one of the top two options. Kirk would be a life-changer for the Falcons' offense. Going from Mariota and Ridder to Cousins would be a jarring change showing just how much impact the position has on games each week.

Cousins is coming off of a serious injury but prior to that injury the quarterback was playing at an MVP level. There were a lot of problems for the Vikings this past season but Cousins clearly wasn't one of them. Kirk in Atlanta is a fit for both sides and would give the veteran a better defense and run game. While the Falcons can't offer Justin Jefferson they do have two great options in Kyle Pitts and Drake London.