3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could target due to new rule

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1. Joe Flacco

Considering the version of Joe Flacco we have watched over the last five seasons it is easy to forget how great Joe once was. Flacco got hot at the perfect time and went on an epic playoff run ending in a Super Bowl in what were the best games of his career.

Those days are far behind Flacco who was given starts with the Jets but now is on the fringe of the league it appears. At thirty-eight the only way that Flacco is going to stay in this league is as a mentor and depth option.

Signing Flacco is a perfect move in that the veteran is clearly better and more experienced than Logan Woodside without any controversy whatsoever. There isn't going to be a Ridder vs. Flacco debate if the first-time starter struggles. Joe Flacco is clearly not a starter in this league any longer but is more than capable of stepping in if injuries strike and would be a great voice to have for Ridder on the bench.

Joe Flacco is a great third option and would fit Atlanta's recent move of adding veterans to young position groups. Though Heinicke and Woodside both have been in the league for a while neither are experienced starters and could offer the resume that Flacco could as the third quarterback.