3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could target due to new rule

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2. Cam Newton

This is obviously incredibly unlikely to happen but bear with the reasoning for a moment. Considering Arthur Smith's love for quarterbacks that can run the football and the position-free approach Smith enjoys what could Newton bring to this offense?

If you're Atlanta you could have Taylor Heinicke serve as the emergency quarterback and put Cam on the active roster to use in short-yardage situations and the wildcat. Cam's energy and ability as a rusher in short yardage are still very clearly elite. The issues have been his inability as a passer or willingness to accept where he is at this point in the veteran's career.

If Newton was willing to accept such a role the Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, and 49ers all stick out as more attractive landing spots for a player who could be a dynamic weapon.

Atlanta's attempt to use Franks at a myriad of positions could be substituted for a player that can actually make an impact. Cam signing with Atlanta isn't happening but it is a fun wrinkle to consider in what has the potential to already be the best running game in the NFC.