3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could target due to new rule

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3. Nick Foles

Nick Foles continues to bounce around the league five years after what was an epic Super Bowl run. It is fun to imagine what might have happened if the Eagles had chosen the Super Bowl-winning backup instead of Carson Wentz. Considering, however, that the road they are on led to another Super Bowl appearance and the addition of Jalen Hurts it is likely a quickly passing thought these days for Philly fans.

Foles is a player who thrives when there are zero expectations and the system that is in place is strong. If both Ridder and Heinicke were to go down or fail to play at the level expected Atlanta could do worse than Foles.

A former Super Bowl-winning quarterback is clearly an upgrade over Aune or Woodside. If Foles is unable to find a roster spot as the second option Atlanta landing the veteran would be a great move. One that brings a quarterback to Atlanta that was able to beat Tom Brady a season after the Falcons' heartbreaking Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Making Foles already well like among the Atlanta faithful.