3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could turn to if Ridder struggles

Desmond Ridder RX3 Charity Flag Football
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Everything the Atlanta Falcons front office and roster have spoken about Desmond Ridder this off-season has indicated just how much belief there is in Ridder in year two. Despite starting only four games with underwhelming results Atlanta felt strongly enough about Ridder to move throughout the off-season with no intention of adding a starter to the position.

This seems to be the wise move considering how well this roster is built and the money Atlanta was able to save from simply building around Ridder. To win consistently the Falcons need very little from the position in comparison to the rest of the league.

Desmond simply needs to be a top-twenty starter to lock up the job and help the Falcons win consistently. However, with added urgency this season for Arthur Smith if Desmond were to struggle it would be surprising not to see the team quickly pivot to another option.

To be clear Desmond Ridder is a promising starter and has given every indication that he will have great success this season. However, it never hurts to consider the options if things didn't play out as expected starting with the obvious answer that is already on the quarterback depth chart.