3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could turn to if Ridder struggles

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2. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is only an option if the Falcons were to suffer an injury at the position with the quarterback's history making it clear that Heinicke is likely the better option. Carson is such a talented player that simply has been unable to put it together with the biggest issue often being talked about is a lack of leadership.

The Eagles clearly felt better with Nick Foles or Jalen Hurts starting at the position two players that aren't nearly as naturally gifted throwers as Wentz. Carson has had two landing spots since and failed to lock up either starting job.

In fairness to Wentz, it is important to note that his lone season with the Colts did see solid production that is often forgotten due to the way the season ended. If injury does strike and Atlanta wants to add another option Wentz is by far the best quarterback left on the market despite these obvious concerns.

While it is a long time in the rearview there was a time that Wentz was playing at an MVP level. The talent is still there the problem is fixing the confidence and decision-making from a quarterback whose career has gone in the wrong direction.