3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could turn to if Ridder struggles

Desmond Ridder RX3 Charity Flag Football
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3. Nick Foles

Nick Foles is a career backup who had one legendary run with the Eagles to take down Tom Brady and the Patriots. It is a run that will forever be remembered both due to who Foles beat and the underdog group that galvanized under the veteran quarterback.

Foles is clearly not a starter at this point in his career but if Ridder fails or struggles and Atlanta wants to add depth to the position Nick would make sense. Foles thrives when there are zero expectations and Atlanta would have just that if they are forced into a situation where they have to add to the position.

Again it is important to note that this isn't a mark against Ridder or a lack of belief but rather exploring Atlanta's starting options if injury strikes or Desmond doesn't live up to expectations.

In Arthur Smith's offense with the team that has been built around him it would be shocking if the Falcons start anyone other than Desmond this season.