3 quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid bringing in

The Atlanta Falcons have not had good quarterback play since Matt Ryan left and if they are looking to take another shot on another quarterback, they must avoid these three players
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3 QBs the Atlanta Falcons should avoid at all costs

Desmond Ridder is not quite ready to be the Atlanta Falcons quarterback. He has been plagued by slow starts and questionable decision-making. The Falcons are not in a position to wait all of this out so they may eventually decide to look elsewhere temporarily.

There are a few options out there, whether via trade or the open free-agent market. But, just because someone is available doesn't mean they should be brought in.

These are the three passers that they should be avoiding at all costs.

1. Trey Lance, Dallas Cowboys

This selection is based solely on what the trade compensation would have to be. The Dallas Cowboys, not too long ago, traded a fourth-round pick for Trey Lance and have stashed him as their third quarterback.

It was a strange overpay by the Cowboys. The Cowboys would not move on from him for anything less than a fourth-round pick and anything more than a fourth-round pick would be an overpay for the Atlanta Falcons.

Lance has not done anything in the NFL and is not worth a fourth-round pick.